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Pan-American Championship in Quito, Ecuador

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Climbers from all over the Americas are meeting this weekend in Quito for the IFSC Pan

Championships. Featuring the best continental competitors  in speed, lead, and boulder, this is the first-ever calendar championship for the newly-united Pan American Council of the IFSC. Teams from South, North, and Central America will not only be competing, but in some cases they will be meeting their fellow athletes from nearby member federations for the first time. Thanks to FEDAN and Ecuador, such a high profile event held in a major capital city will mark a significant step in the evolution of the PAC organization. Importantly for the developing Continental Council, all the IFSC officials and competition personnel – Jury President, Route Setter, Judge, Delegate – are from the Americas . We wish everyone involved success – athletes, audience, media, and participating American nations - not only with a competition, but with a celebration of climbing.

by David Dornian

Resultados Dificultad 21/05

Hombres                                                  Mujeres

1º Mauricio Huerta Mexico          1º Sasha Diugiulian    EEUU

2º Jesus Gonzalez Chile               2º Francis Rodriguez Venezuela

3º Diego Marsella Arg                3ºEstefania Mesías  Ecuador


Hombres                                           Mujeres

1º Josmar Nieves Venezuela             1º Lucelia Blanco Venezuela

2º Manuel Escobar Venezuela          2º Daniela Lopez Venezuela

3º Andres Quinteros Ecuador           3º Katherine Alvazez Ecuador


1º   Cesar Grosso Brasil                   1ºFrancesca Metcalf EEUU

2º    Jesus Gonzales Chile                 2ºLucelia Blanco Ven

3º Manuel Escobar Ven                    3º Daniela Lopez Ven

4º Santiago García ARG